Wednesday, October 27, 2010

50 differ things


Tiba-tiba rasa macam nak menunaikan tag yang dapat daripada Athirah.

Syarat-syarat tag ini :
  • cipta tajuk sendiri.(untuk tag ini)
  • 25 perkara yang orang lain tak tahu tapi wajib tahu.
  • tag duapuluhlima orang yang malang.

25 Wonders of Ateika

1. It is always hard for everyone to spell my name correctly, even for good friend
2. Short with matured face
3. I don't know how to act cool
4. In love with effin' awesome photos
5. I don't like haters, their are just envying us
7. I am in a band, with 4 awesome people
8. I don't act cute, maybe I am just naturally adorable. har har
9. I ain't rich and pampered, so I know how to save money and buy my own stuff with it, not like some brat
10. I don't talk with strangers
11. I love blogging, completing my life
12. I do cursing inside, yea I am dangerous
13. I don't use the word hate, because that is a strong word
14. I love having anime marathon, which I am about to have
15. I am disliking this tag, because I am out of idea
16. Well, maybe I should curse you Athirah for tagging me
17. Maybe I should just counting to 25 to complete this tag
18. Eighteen
19. Nineteen
20. Twenty
21. Twenty-one
22. Twenty-two
23. Twenty-three
24. Twenty-four
25. Twenty-fife and finished. Yea, I am awesome :)

25 Unlucky Human Beings

1. Kak Finaz
2. Liyana
3. Ira
err, suka hati orang lah ! fed up pulak panjang-panjangggg ni =_____=

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