Monday, February 7, 2011


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Blog best ke tak? sebab?
Kind of, its a place where people spill their hearts out ;D

Layan lagu Indon ke Omputih?
Both, but prefer English. cause its kinda awkward when sing/listen to romantic words in Indonesians.

Coklat mana lagi popular? Cadbury ke Ferrero Rocher? Sebab suka makan?
The mighty Kinder Bueno is always the one.

Nickname yang BF/GF beri, nama manja?
no such things, but my family call me Ieqa which I found, girly(?)

Beri 4 fakta tentang kamu
I love talk in broken English, even I used to laugh when people cant pronounce properly. (example with becomes wif)
Detest homework.
I cry when looking at beautiful photos (for real, real tears)
Fourth of four siblings, and left by her siblings alone in a bungalow. =='

Jika ada 50 sen nak beli apa?
give it to my mom and "ibu, ibu suka kumpul 50sen kan? nah"

Siapakah 4 orang yang kamu sayang?
mother. late father. granma. siblings. xP

Tag 5 orang yang kamu sayang dan blog cantik
too lazy :)


mardhiah ismail (: said...

comel betul :)

Ateika said...

@mardhiah ismail (: thanks, that flattering :D

tukangkarut said...

sounds rather awkward calling me tukangkarut =_=
but hey, who cares :D

Ateika said...

@tukangkarut ahahha. who cares xP