Thursday, May 19, 2011


Extra Sleeping Time

I think I always sleep too much during examination weeks. I always sleep through objective papers, boring papers, and hard papers that makes me hate myself now. And when I slept too much in the afternoon, that makes me wanna sleep some more in the evening, during revision time when I cant understand what on Earth that I read.

So I am having so much fun hating myself right now. Yes, indeed. As addition, tomorrow I get Physics papers that I think gonna kill me harshly and yet I still typing in front of my computer. Give me some applause. Gonna kill myself before some more paper can kill me.

I just need some place to tell how much I hate my exam life. I loathe it too much to tell it with words, no word can describe it. Thank you for reading this shit. =='


azizan said...

knape takde button like? haha ==

Ateika said...

maleh nak buat. nnti edit kene buat lg. maleeehhh