Thursday, November 24, 2011

Love can never be strong enough


I wanted to post this yesterday, but the internet connection stopped me. I think Mr. Internet just envying me, and this post. :) I got some confession to make here. I had a dream last night. About them, and me.

I miss them.

We maybe are so totally different. All of us. In and out. But to the end, to the very end, we were still together. There are tons of misunderstanding we've gone through. They maybe aren't so "friends stick together through thick and thin". But hey, they stick.

This is more than just "I miss the memories". Just, can you describe this by words? No, not a chance. Not at all. There are some feelings we might want to tell, but there won't be a soul that can understand. People can only read and listen, they won't understand.

Wassalam asdiqa'.

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