Saturday, June 23, 2012

Since We All Talk in General


Last week was quite a busy tiring week. Since the Parliamentary Debate that Farhana joined needs 5 people - 3 speakers 2 substitutes to be exact, she asked me to join. So I'm in. 2 days full English were quite tough. I only got the chance to speak in Malay with Farhana sometimes. -,-

Anyway, it was a good opportunity. Debaters empathize their words enthusiastically. It was a whole new thing to me. I'm so thankful. :D We got Third place, a bit sad because we lost the chance to go to Labuan *sobs*.

Tadaaa, my Xperia X8 current condition. This is what happen when you try to fit 4 people at the back seat of Proton Persona. Hahahaha.

Till then. Wassalam.

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