Friday, November 26, 2010

Like it if you like, leave if you loathe

I LOVE my eyes yg sepet tuuu :D

Q : Apa yang awak suka?
A : Awak.
People, it’s not a crime to like and love yourself. If you don’t, then why you bother to eat, to sleep, to bath and to alive – isn’t it obvious that everyone loves himself/herself?

The main reason I made this is about all the like things going on at Facebook, I never actually care enough if anyone talks about Facebook, because I am neither a fan to that social website, nor a hater of it of cause.

Most of people that have website, blog, group, product or even public figure made the Facebook page, or most of people call it fan page? AHAHA, no, I don’t call it as fan page though. ==’ Sometimes we invite people to “like” that page, and certain people find it annoying. Is it?

As for me – no it is not annoying. We are inviting, not forcing you, or blackmailing you just to make you like our page. It’s like telling others “If you would like to, do come over to my house sometimes.” Well, is that annoying to you? If your answer is yes, then you shouldn’t even living in this world, because we humans have friends and friends inviting each other is never being annoying.

I think, if people made the “page” that’s mean they like themselves, even if only 10 people who like them, I don’t really have problem with them. A person should at first like themselves to keep on living in this world. Oh, maybe you would think that’s not like, that’s self-obsess. For, me it’s none of our business if they are obsess with themselves. Why don’t you leave them if you pissed off? You are just envying them. End of story.

By the way, the reason I used “we” at first, because I also have a page - a page for this blog. Oh, that was the second page actually; I accidentally deleted the first page. Well, that’s not the point. And I don’t care if YOU loathe it, because then I would “invite” you to leave.

Thank you


Liyana said...

ohh, kau dah terdelete page Plastic Tree tuh ea? patut aku cari tak jumpeee.

Ateika said...

ahaha. mase tu mamai2 ah, aku onl pagi2 internet cpt. aku nak edit ape ntah. salah klik =='

Syu said...

nicely said. :)

Ateika said...

thank you :)