Thursday, December 2, 2010

You are trying to keep it real


Ahahaha, sorry tak update oh semalam. Online, tapi terasa macam, takpayah lah update walaupun dah bukak New Post empat-puluh-empat kali. Kehkeh. Refresh lah empat-puluh-empat kali. Sebab internet bengong semalam. Whattodo? =='

*Vibrate* Text message received. From : Sis Syud
My dear, thanks for all. Goal in your future undertaking. May God be with you. and I always pray for you and your family. Say thanks to your mum for taking a good care of you. and dont' forget to pray to God and ask to let your dad rest in peace. Be a good daughter Atieqah. You are fifteen right now. Be nice to everyone especially Hariz. With that, Happy Birthday
Waahhhh, waahh. Terujanya saya. Well, everyone's is making December wish. I wonder why. Takpelah, saya taknak. Sebab saya boleh buat birthday wish sendiri. Yeaa.

*Bunyi drum, trompet dan sebagainya*

Happy Birthday to youuu,
Happy birthday to youuu
Happy birthday to Atieqahh
Happy birthday to youuu

Oh, akan diupdate lagi nanti. Hari ni nak keluar 2 kali. Ahahahha, terujanya!

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