Saturday, February 26, 2011

Low Life

I miss the me that living in my own world. I don't have, I don't need to care what the low life creature thinking bout me. I miss the naive me, that keep on being nice even to those persons who's aren't that nice to me.

I don't know why do I crawled out of my own world to see the wicked hectic plastic world that hell worst than mine.

No, low life creatures, there aren't many people like this out there. People out there are like you. Mostly. At least, these are the one that make me moving forward even when I don't want to. At least, they aren't that plastic, like you do.

Thank you, for wasting your time for me.
Thank you for reading this.
Please do not come again.


Qyra Yuuri :) said...

kau tujukan kat sape?
hope that it wasn't me T^T

Syud Wada said...

my dear Nurul Atieqah , be strong sayang .

please know that we always love you . including the Si Cantek (:

just be yourself , ignore what people say because they're jealous that they can't be the Nurul Atieqah .

Ateika said...

eh? tak. aku tak ckp pasal sape2. just, teringat dulu aku suke hidup dalam dunia aku, knp skrg aku sebok2 nak keluar kan? hahahah.

p.s : aku tak jumpe mne aku simpan gambar kite. bkn sbb kau tak tersenarai antare diorang ni xD

Qyra Yuuri :) said...

oh okay:)

kau tau kalau aku bace blog org yg aku kenal. pastu dorang macam luahkan perasaan / ckp dorg benci kat seseorang without mention his/her name. aku akn terasa dorang ckp pasal aku.

aku pun taktau knp.
aku selalu rasa bersalah kat semua org T^T

amirasyahira said...

life is great. enjoy it kawan. and do rmember, im a part of something that you can dpend on. ihik ihik. :)