Friday, March 18, 2011

Who are you?

I don't actually tell every single microscopic things here. So, after you read my blog, don't ever have the feeling of "oh, i know everything bout you" and you thought you can judge as like that? Have a life peeps. You don't freaking know me.

I told my stories to friends that keep on being friends after what ever I do. Well, I accept constructive comments, that what Amira, Farhana, Aliah, Ifqin do. And I accept friends that just listen to dramas, like Athirah, Liyana, Syafiqah, Nina. And yes, I'm okay with that.

BUT, you can't be friends this day and tomorrow, when you listen someone talking bad bout me, you stop being friends. Peeps, people like you aren't really friends. These people, aren't deserve to be one friends at all.

Thank you.

How hard it is to find friends that no matter what happen and how stupid decision you made, they keep on being friends
p.s : Between me and Hariz? We are solving it peacefully. Between me and you? No, I don't want to know I piece of shit bout you.


Syud Wada said...

okay nak terasa . tak masuk campur dah :P

sorry tau ketod :)

Ateika said...

sebok je nak terasa.
orang masuk cmpur tak kesa.

orang tak faham tapi tak nak faham tapi nak masuk campur tu yang kesa.

.aizza. said...

cumbe Ketod :p

Syud Wada said...

okay teika , jangan nak membentak kat sini ye ketod :D

hey gagah , dahlah suka kentut , HAHA .