Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rainbows will come along

2012. English essay :

I wish that I had another chance to tell him things that lay unspoken. He was my late father. A very ambitious person, who was always visionary. The last two days with him were the moments I could never erase. It was the most unforgettable moment with the most unforgettable person in my life.

It was Thursday evening, I was in my parents' room sitting in front of a dim candle light with them. We were here because the whole city was under a complete blackout. It was completely dark outside. Even the moon did not shine and the stars did not twinkle. It was our last candle in the house so I was getting scared. Luckily, my father was clever enough to make me listen to his stories and forgot that we were in a pitch dark.

My father talked about various events he went. As it was in a middle of Syawal, so he always went for events. Even he was a busy person, he never forgot to pamper me. He even thought me as his sign of fortune.

"Ika, you know that I never got those souvenirs whenever I went for an event," he talked in a funny tone. "But, you know Ika, I don't think that I am misfortune at all. I have you as my daughter." I was on the cloud nine when he talked like that.

The next day, he got another event to attend in the evening, so he did not have to work in the morning. Early in the morning, he woke up and started to clean the house. Then, he went to town to play taxes and bills. He told me that charity starts at home. There is no point if he go to events as a VIP, but his own home is a mess.

In the afternoon, he sent me to school before he went to the event with my mother. The event was held at Segamat so he got to go there early in the afternoon to arrive there at time. He did not want to be late in any occasion as he is a punctual person. Before I kissed his hand, he reminded me to study hard and put my aim as high as possible. He said that life is not always easy like a piece of cake.

I went home from school by bus that day and after I reached home I straight away cleaned myself and had dinner with my grandmother. Then, I went back to my room, waiting for Maghrib prayer. I felt uneasy. I felt something was wrong. My mother always called me if she is not around. But today, she did not. Nevertheless, I performed my prayer and started doing homework with many bad thoughts in minds.

Kring-kring, the phone in our living room rang. My grandmother picked it up. I tried to listen to her, but I did not manage to. I went downstairs and asked her if it was my mother. No, it was not. It was her friend. I felt rather odd. After that call, we continuously received calls from my mother's friends.

Later on, a guy came knocking up our front door. He claimed that he is my father's friend and he asked my grandmother and me to calm down as he got a bad news to tell us. Unfortunately, I cannot because my mind was already full of bad thoughts.

"Miss and Nek, I am Haji's colleague from AADK, I am sorry, but I have to tell you that Haji is gone. He passed away right after his opening speech at the event," he said.

I could not even feel my legs anymore. My blood rose up. My tears could not stop flowing. My heart beats fast, too fast. What could be even worse than this? How should I ever believe this?

Later, when my mother arrived home, she tried her best to smile. She smile weakly at me. She was so strong. She said that a calm sea does not make a skilled sailor. She reminded me not to forget the last moment with my father. An unforgettable person who always reminded me to live on no matter what happens in life. Life is not all sunny, it has rains once awhile, but after every cats and dogs rains, rainbows will come along.

Abas bin Sudar
24 Oct 2008
24 Syawal.