Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yet another thread

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Yesterday, when the rest of the world fell asleep. I dreamed of you. In my dream, we were holding hands in a deep silence. I look at you, I smiled. Then, you smiled back at me. People may say, how boring we are. Like the last time, four years ago. But, we know and we'll always know that I love you and vice verse. There's nothing more to argue.

People talked bad things about us before. They just never understand love and friendship. They thought, those are two different things. No, it’s not - I love you, my friend. I know it's hard for me to say the magic three words with eight letters. But you always say that "it’s okay, I know you love me" :)

The ego side of me always neglects the feeling whenever I miss you. No, I don't miss you, I miss our yesterday. The ego said. I loathe it. Honestly, I miss you, I miss our yesterdays, I miss our memories. I don't know how to define missing. It's abstract. It’s me. I am missing, you.

Ye, awak. Awak jeh faham. Orang lain maybe baca dan cakap, aku pun paham jugak. Tak, diorang tak faham. Janji kita masa darjah 6. Saya tak kan tinggalkan awak. Kita kawan sampai bila-bila. Sekarang kita dah nak habis tingkatan 3. Dan janji tu, masih ada lagi kan? Ikatan yg orang lain tak nampak. I love you SH.

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